Genre: Action

Retail Price: R69.95

Barcode : 6009617045187

Coupling Nr : D/DVDBRT444


While promising to open the door to an entirely new type of warfare, a top-secret Pentagon experiment designed to unleash paranormal powers suddenly goes wildly out of control.  At the same time an observatory in the Sierra Nevada Mountains receives a confirmed extraterrestrial signal.

With evidence that the two are somehow connected, Colonel David Garrett (Gossett) rushes with  a team of commandos to the observatory.  Meanwhile, the billionaire who has funded the observatory gathers his own team, built around computer expert Jack Jones (Nelson), with the goal of immediately sharing the signal with the entire world.

But as this edge-of-your-seat thriller begins to unfold, it becomes clear that the signal has a dark secret - and even more ominous source.  Before long, a trail of envy, lust, greed and anger explodes into a sinister world of murder and betrayal.  There is only one way out, but even if they can see it, will they believe it?