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MUSIC DVDs : Southern Gospel

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Christian Music DVDs

Christian music DVD’s from a range of artists are available here, at Brettian Productions. With humble roots in 1926, Music videos have now become a compulsory marketing channel used by most artists to supplement the release of a single or a CD. Earliest traces of music videos can be dated back to as early as 1926 when a series of 6 minute long music videos was launched by Warner Bros.

The first Christian music video to appear on an international music video station hit the airwaves in 1984 and although at the time it had its critics, Christian music and Christian music videos in particular have become a Billion dollar industry. Consumers felt that a DVD packed with religious music videos, praising and worshipping the glory of God was something that resonated with them. Watching their favourite Christian artists and singing along to their favourite Christian songs was something they held dear, so have a look through our online store here on and pick your favourite Christian music DVD.