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Gebroke Rym

Glimpse 2 CD Set

Glory To Glory CD & DVD

God Is Liefde

God Is Liefde

God Is Liefde

Gospel Greats - Andrae Crouch

Gospel Greats - Best of L.A. Mass Choir

Gospel Greats - Gospel Favourites

Gospel Greats - Praise and Glory

Gospel Greats -Divine Gospel

Gospel Hits - Mighty Clouds of Joy

Gospel Leef Nog Vol 1

Gospel Moments

Grateful - Live at Rhema Ministries

Great Worship Songs For Easter (2 CD Set)
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Christian Music CDs

Brettian Productions offers a wide range of Christian music covering a range of genres. Many people are probably unaware that most forms of music we hear today have been derived from religious music. Fragments of the New Testament are believed to be Hymns, thus indicating that Christian worship music dates back a millennium or two.

Fast forward two thousand years and many Christian singers have stayed true to this trend of singing the praises of God, through music. So whether you are looking to jump around to Christian rock bands, sing along to Christian gospel music or meditate and find your inner self with praise and worship music you can be sure that whatever your taste, you will find it here at Brettian Productions.